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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  November 29, 2015 2:30am-3:01am EST

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>> akorgd ccording to the releae iphone could be and we will need more sunscreen and up 15 percent. >> you're always inmiami. well, neil takes up the heat right now. all right. so look who is putting the white house on defense now. the president's own defense secretary. what? >> the president's defense secretary appeared on your world with neil on november 16th and said, "the president of the united states and world leader need to recognize y not a time to just sit back and hope that somehow the enemy will go away. the other secretary gaits appeared on november 20 and said that we have all along underestimated isis. these are coming from the people that work with him. do you acknowledge them? >> they're entitled to their
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op opini opinion. i don't think that either one of them would deny how serious the president kept the issue. >> well, it kept on mentioning me. i am neil and when some of the president's and the own people and former people are saying sticking to the same strategy just don't -- well it really does not do aaváhing to stick it to isis and maybe it's time to listen up. we have ben stine and megan mcdowell. >> this act has gotten so er ridiculous at this point. the in about to change course and admit that anything is wrong and it's a narcissist attitude that made the world dangerous. everyone and every single person with an ounce is saying that it is not working, but we're hearing the same thing over and
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over. >> yeah, they have been doing the charm and it's been stopping isis, right? >> it seems like the white house has been concerned with what they say and the language that they use rather than how they act, right? it's about -- >> that's what happened when you put a lawyer. >> yeah, exactly. in terms of the war on terror i go back to ben laden gets kill and the war is over and then it's the same thing. they will not admit ever that there's a radical can islamic terrorism incl the world. until you do, i don't think that -- even if you have the best strategy, they're not going to get on board with it. >> yeah, they're not clanging the position, and this is worth the next 14 months is going to look like. what do you think? >> this is going to end all
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kna narcissist. he has no idea how it works. i do not believe that he is a muslim, but there are many of people that do. he is a person that has no idea what it takes to fight a mass base or a certain area terrorist movement. he does not like to change anything. r pleasing the main and the main one is himself. >> i am going to put you you down for the president -- adam? >> well for starters it does not matter what ben or+ anybody els believes. >> well, for the purposes of the show it does. >> it does not matter what you believe about his religion. as far as -- i would make the point about his stubbornness. he is criticized for not being a good politician. i would say that he is being a
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politician very much here. he was expected to wind down the troop and afghanistan, and the american people supported that. he did not want and do not want -- >> that's the little -- >> i don't think that's what he was elected at. he was elected in the middle of the crisis. >> you should pull it o out. and he was not elected to lose. >> yeah, and not to let the terrorism go around the world. we should point out that leah has been talking about it. >> the former defense secretary. >> yeah, i was at a private dinner with him a couple of years ago. >> wow,l one. private 75dinner. >> what was interesting about this was that he was saying the same thing two years ago and he is talking to the president about this, and president obama is ignoring him. why would you ignore someone as good as leon?
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he is a confederate, but he is good. he is vain. president obama is -- you know i have to give credit where it's due, and this is the best description that i have heard of president obama. it's called manty. he believes that he is so right despite what anybody tells him, he is right no matter what evidence goes up. he is right. >> yeah, adam you have to recognize that it's not the anteitalian, right? >> yeah, i recognize that. the part that i am confused about in the conversation is the name calling part of qait. let me finish my point. you said that he is ignoringly, and you i think that words matter here. i highly doubt that he ignored
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him -- >> let him talk. >> he told a bunch of people that he told the president -- >> he is not listening. he said that's the wrap, but he does not listen to those in the party because whatever you're doing is wrong. that could be confidence or stubborn, but you think that it's okay. >> you want the president to listen to the advisers. >> and then ignore them. [ laughter ] >> but adam -- >> words matter. >> words matter. here are a few words jd and contain. the reality on the ground has never fit the white house's narrative, and that's where the distrust or part of the distrust comes in between the american people and him. i would like to point out do you have an internal pentagon investigation this moment where analysts said that their supervisors have changed confusions about the intelligence and the success in
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fighting isis? >> yeah, that we're more successful, so again when it does not jive with it. >> they would not be the first administration to do that. >> yeah. >> i don't know if adam will find this offensive but this week research came out and everybody in america feel that is they're losing on issues that are important to them expect one group college educated democrats. this is the circle that sundaying president obama and all telling him that he is doing a great job. it's all to vacation in the hamptons and do not understand that -- not all college educated democrats in the hamptons. >> people are telling him that he is dog a great job is a small niche in the country. >> what is scary is that it's one thing to have+$ a lot of confidence in the beliefs, but he has been proven wrong so many times. when you're pron wrong so many
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times on a certain she, it's about time that you you listen to somebody else. when you don, there's a donald trump would out there. if you do not listen to somebody, the advisers when you're wrong all of the time, that's pathological. >> ben stine? >> if he says over and over that we contained isis and they have the whole world terrified, clearly something is wrong. this is the same thing as saying this is spent when they terrorized the pacific. this is really a man that does that and does not experience it. >> ben, you're a smart guy, do you think that he is pathological? >> yeah, very much so. >> yeah, that's in a personal at that tack. >> no, you are. you are. >> it's not in the spirit of thanksgiving and being wrong.g
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you're just -- i don't want to talk. >> he has never been wrong. >> you're so -- >> you're so stubborn about the own views, that i pride your views as well. take it. >> you call me pathological? >> yes, i did. >> on what day in the last century were you quiet? can we know in advance so we can have a party the next time that happens? >> he may have lar jiets. >> nothing that changed and they have underestimated and refused to fight them in the last two years, and nothing is going to change. >> we need a new strategy from day one. >> i will put a lot of you down for maybes on the president. well, they're patting you down this weekend, and who is looking into them. the house warning from the security share that will frighten you and make you forget the entire first segment.
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today on fow obama will not say radical islam. the french president say it loud clear, and they announce war on it. hundreds of leaders heading to the fox news
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channel. keep it on us all day for the latest. all right. well forget the world wide travel alert.
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the chafr man is worried about the airports right now as manies of americans hit the air. we need to vet alléd7mrkers in airports and ben stine agrees because ben is so private, but it's an interesting point. >> i think that you're the one that flies private. mr. whatever. whatever. we can dodge this any way we want. >> i am standing there in line and taking my apart piece by piece and searching my most body cavities, and then suddenly this group of people wearing#a weird hair dudes and wrecking of marijuana comes through and comes breezing through and have on little waivers and say that they're waitresses and wait ers and i am like wait a minute. it scares me to death. everyone should be carefully krut niez skrut niezed. >> okay. i cannot top that. >> i can't either.
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>> this is what -- >> he can tell a little store are er erie like that and see it. >> yeah, and then he enjoyed it. >> all right. so he is speechless. you have to leave a tip and i have to be honest. i do not feel that they're secure. i don't want to say in confident people are there. it's so chaotic and it's a different procedure and it just feels like when you go through the skeerning and it feels different. >> it's a bad sign when they're feeling it and i know it's going to be a long screening. >> right? >> the real issue is what ben was saying and the people that work at the airports and the evidence. >> ben seemed to enjoy it. >> no, i did not enjoy it. >> he was smiling when he said it. >> ben, it's 2015. >> i(pañ am the one that vl tol
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see me coming. >> isn't it just the crowd? >> there have been a number of people arrested and smugglikúz drugs and they're workers. you had three smuggling ke cane and gun smuggling between atlanta and jfk. they had 73 people flagged by the inspector general that were flagged as terror ties, so they are trying to do something, put not enough in terms of screening the airport employees. >> adam, what do you think? you fly around a bit. do you get nervous? >> yeah, i do. for a variety of reasons but yes, i think that we can though the do enough. i applaud them for saying it's not just the tsa. >> he is a republican congressman. you know that? >> yes, i am aware of that. >> i applaudsa his work, and it
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the people that put the meals on and mechanics. they're good people. we have to up the game and monitor them and they're doing vital work that could turn dangerous. >> yeah, it's like what you can tell the people and putting the meals on and they're sabotaging and then someone in the kitchen think it. >> when wa does it mean when you want to go through it twice. >> i do not want to go through the line twice. i think that you're evil and do evil things. you're right about what i was si saying. i don't like that. >> we're awful human beings. that's the last time that i will let him give me the question. >> we're going to take a quick break and taking heat or taking off to ireland. did you hear about this? the latest company trying to escape high taxes and these democrats are furious, and that means that they're going to make a political case out of it.
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well, with the biggest field of the year, hillary clinton, bernie sanders and others bashing the deal between pfizer and allergan because fiez sr. moving to ireland for lower taxes. maybe the quick tonic is just to not give them a reason to leave, right? lower taxes. >> it's oh not ireland's fault or the fault of pfizer and allergan. >> watch the tape.
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>> let me finish. let me back up. they are lowering the tax rate from 25% to 17%. if they want the companies to stay in the united states, fix the tax system. boom, done, over. >> you said this is not an issue -- >> we were not talking about this. >> we have different versions. >> we were talking about ireland lowering the tax rate. i thought it was a cheap shot, lowering one because it had to be bailed out by europe. >> we had this conversation. >> bottom line, you should support that she's now understanding what pfizer did. >> this is so obvious. you have a lower tax rate and ireland is doing what's in its economic self-interest. >> haven't said anything good about ireland. >> lot of good irish guys. >> oh, sure. >> maybe adam will be the only one who says it's a bad thing. >> why do you suppose that? >> it should be a wake-up call to lower taxes for corporations, for all americans.
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why are we penalizing companies for making money overseas. let them make money and bring it back. it's simple. >> why can't we do that, adam? >> yeah, adam. >> yeah. >> i'm for lower taxes here and for corporations and for people. i agree with charles 100% in some thanksgiving weekend good cheer. that said, if they are going to leave our country. if they are going to leave our country, let's penalize them for it. >> why? >> good golly. you have an accountant. why? >> ben stein? >> i think we need the money. i would lo to have corporate taxes of zero, personal income tax of zero but we need the money. we are running enormous deficit. yes, it's come down in the last 12 to 18 months. but we need money. >> so you're holding pfizer hostage? >> no. i don't think we should hold them hostage. we should greatly raise taxes on
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very rich people. >> who's very rich? ben, who's very rich in your view? >> how much do you make? whatever it is, a dollar above you is very rich. >> serious question though. i thought you understood that if we lowered them a little bit more and people and corporations kept more they would take the money, put it into society and trigger the virtuous cycle that the government gets their take, it flows into society and everybody gets a better shot. >> wouldn't it be pretty if that were true. this country is float on a sea of cheap capcapital. we have tons. >> not main street. >> there is no shortage of investable capital. the problem is a sluggish labor force. >> when you say raising taxes they say the super rich. it comes down to a family of 5 that makes $200,000. >> no, no, no.
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>> and a farmer with two crops making $250,000. >> you're right. i think it should be on people like the people in my neighborhood who make $5 million, $10 million a year. >> what neighborhood is that? >> i know people in that neighborhood. they have beautiful homes. i will say this. >> they didn't have private sessions with leon panetta. >> that's true. and al pacino. >> al? >> he was there, too. >> italian table? >> scaramucci. >> weird i wasn't invited. >> okay. i want to thank you all. and say good-bye to charles and dagan. it's ben stein's birthday today. >> whoo! [ applause ] >> i hope you had two pat-downs today, ben. more after this. >> i'm going back for more later. >> i'll bet you are. >> a few drinks.
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stocks for scary times. charles? >> for the next five years. >> adam? >> ishares core dividend growth. as safe as it gets. >> ben?
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>> the usual old spiders, safe and sound. >> thank you. happy birthday, ben. the cost of freedom continues now with david. question of the week -- what's fuelling terror? with everyone on alert here the french ambassador to the united states saying this about attacks over there? >> it's not because you are an employee that you are in a theater. it's something much more particular and it is radical islam. >> is it radical islam or unemployment and poverty breeding terrorism? welcome to "forbes on fox." happy holiday weekend. let's go in focus to find out with steve koeshs, michael zane yan, sabrina schafer and bruce japsen.


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